FOSC Newsletter July 2017

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Positive Influences

Over the years, the Sihora Campus has seen the effects of positive relationships forming between the ministries. One great example involves the Evangelism School students. These young men from local villages are learning how to communicate the good news to others through a 2-year residential program on campus. They are believers with a passion to help others discover the gospel.

Also on campus is a boys hostel. They are village boys that have been brought into a residential education program, for the purpose of changing their future from meager survival to thriving in all areas of life.  

Over the course of their stay, the evangelism students form a mentoring relationship with the hostel boys. Many of the boys become believers through this mentoring relationship. By the time they turn 18, they will have spent about 6 years as little brothers to these wonderful young men. A positive symbiotic relationship has developed between these two ministries, where the gospel is fueling the transformation of lives.

The Sihora Clinic provides healthcare to all who are on campus as a part of a comprehensive outreach program. The Clinic attracts people from all walks of life. As they seek relief from illness, they are taken into a caring relationship. We love to see the perspective changed, and hope rediscovered. The gospel comes to life in relationships!

Lynn Kuehn

Program Director, FOSC

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